Banner T30R Series Radar Sensor

Banner T30R Series Radar Sensor

The T30R series has been expanded with a wider-angle (45°×45°) beam pattern sensor to better detect curved or reflective surfaces and larger targets. Radar sensors are often the best choice for outdoor or dirty applications because their signals are not affected by wind, sun, rain, snow, fog, or air temperature.

The 15° × 15° models of the T30R radar sensor can now measure the distance to objects at closer range. While the minimum presence/absence detection range of 150 mm has not changed, the nearfield measurement range has been improved. The sensor can now measure the distance to items as close as 200 mm away (a 100-mm improvement over previous specifications of 300 mm).

Key Features & Benefits


With a 45°×45° beam pattern, the T30R-4545 sensor provides coverage of larger areas and more robust detection of irregular surfaces or targets presented at steeper angles. The sensor uses two independent, adjustable sensing zones and operates at 122 GHz, which enables higher-precision measurements at distances of up to 15 m away. It can detect objects as close as 150 mm and with linearity and repeatability less than ±1 cm. It offers dual discrete outputs for slow and stop positions, or analog and IO-Link for absolute measurement values. Additionally, the Pulse Pro I/O output is available for seamless integration with Banner lights, providing direct process feedback that only requires power—no controller needed.


While rain, snow, fog, sunlight, and air temperature have the potential to interfere with photoelectric and ultrasonic sensor accuracy, the T30R series uses FMCW radar detection to deliver dependable performance in any type of weather. Additionally, the best-in-class T30R series features rugged IP67 housings, protecting the electronic components from the presence of moisture or dust.


  • Target detection of moving and stationary objects
  • Collision avoidance on board heavy equipment such as reach stackers, forklifts, and mining vehicles
  • Detection in harsh outdoor applications
  • Fill-level applications in tanks
  • Object presence/absence within a defined zone
  • Vehicle detection in carwash, drive through, or loading docks

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