Banner DXMR90 Controller

Banner DXMR90 Controller

The DXMR90 is a central component of Banner’s Snap Signal product portfolio. This industrial controller houses a processor that receives signals from sensors and other connected devices, through four dedicated Modbus ports. The DXMR90 combines all of these signals into one unified stream of insightful device data, which can be exported out through industrial Ethernet protocols.

Key Features & Benefits

The DXMR90 harnesses the power of the Industrial Internet of Things by combining Modbus signals into 24/7 condition monitoring data from machines and automated processes. If the captured data identifies activity that falls outside of user-customizable performance thresholds, operators receive immediate notifications. Those specific issues can then be addressed before they result in critical part failures or other problems that could halt or interrupt production.

The DXMR90 features four female M12 ports, which can receive native Modbus signals and an ever-expanding variety of legacy electronic signal types converted to Modbus using other Snap Signal products. These ports can also connect to Banner radios to receive signals wirelessly—even at distances of up to six miles. Each port can be configured as its own Modbus Client, with selectable baud rate and parity settings, for a series of connected device signals. The DXMR90 also features an M12 D-coded Ethernet connection port for communicating over Modbus TCP, Ethernet/IP, and Profinet, or for controller configuration.

A further application for this technology is possible with networks such as Banner’s Cloud Data Services (CDS). Cloud computing allows manufacturers to harness the greater potential of IIoT for advanced data analytics. The combined signal from the DXMR90 can be sent directly to the cloud, where data is processed in real-time and presented as useful performance metrics. Beyond providing manufacturers with the cost-savings advantage of in-house monitoring, this approach also allows for comprehensive predictive maintenance.

Banner’s Cloud Data Services provide a web-based platform for accessing, storing, protecting, and exporting critical data from industrial system devices. Users can customize how cloud data is displayed in their online applications, for personalized graphical presentations of in-depth, up-to-the-minute insight of all monitored machine parameters. The cloud can also send email notifications of any unexpected deviations from established baselines. Alternatively, the DXMR90 can be connected to a DXM1200 Wireless Controller to send data to CDS or other cloud servers.


  • Condition monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance
  • OEE analysis and tracking
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Data collection and performance metrics
  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting

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