Siemens SIMATIC IOT 2050

Siemens SIMATIC IOT 2050

Your link to digital dimensions – the smart gateway for Industrial Edge and cloud connections

Whether it’s in a new or existing plant, SIMATIC IOT2050 easily and cost-effectively opens the way to digital dimensions. The smart IoT gateway is easy to retrofit, and will acquire, process, harmonize, and save machine and production data from multiple sources directly on-site in your production facility, and then pass it on, for example, to a local or cloud-based system. It’s especially easy to connect to MindSphere, the open, cloud-based IoT operating system from Siemens. And thanks to its future edge functionality, the SIMATIC IOT2050 can also be integrated into Industrial Edge solutions from Siemens.


Your link to Industrial Edge

Thanks to Edge functionality that will be available in the future, it will be easy to integrate SIMATIC IOT2050 in Industrial Edge solutions from Siemens. The gateway analyzes and processes your machine and plant data directly in your production facility and plant. The result is rapid, immediate, plant-wide data analysis on-site.

Your link to IIoT and cloud

Smart interconnectivity is the key to the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). And this is exactly where the SIMATIC IOT2050 smart IoT gateway comes in: It links your in-company IT, production, and cloud, and combines data from a wide range of data sources.

Your link to top performance

With SIMATIC IOT2050, you benefit from maximum performance thanks to powerful Texas Instruments ARM processors, 2 GB DDR4-RAM memory and many interfaces, such as an mPCIe port for wireless cards, Gbit LAN and two USB ports, and one serial and one Arduino port.
Your link to customized applications

Whether it’s flexible one-off manufacture, condition-based maintenance, or a reliable supply of materials for your production systems: With the SIMATIC IOT2050 smart IoT gateway you can implement value-added data-based applications for state-of-the-art production.

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