Banner Mini-Array Two Piece Light Curtain

Banner Mini-Array Two Piece Light Curtain

Cost-Effective, Dependable Measuring Light Curtain

The new MINI-ARRAY Basic Two-Piece Measuring Light Curtain system is a reliable, cost-effective product solution for material handling and logistics applications. It incorporates the popular two-stick MINI-ARRAY emitter and receiver design for optimal ease of use, offering high-quality performance at a competitive price. This simplified version is designed with T-slots on the backs of the emitter and receiver for easy mounting, and with auto-streaming for serial data so that information can be gathered as soon as the sensors are turned on.

Key Features & Benefits


MINI-ARRAY Basic light curtains feature sensors with a 2-meter detection range, with beams spaced 19.1 mm (0.75 in.) apart. The sensors can be set to straight or interlaced scanning patterns to optimize speed or the resolution of the detection field. With these capabilities, MINI-ARRAY Basic delivers outstanding performance for versatile tasks including box profiling, edge guiding, parts ejection, and hole detection applications.


MINI-ARRAY Basic emitters and receivers are lightweight and easy to mount. For simplified installation, colored diagnostic LEDs indicate when the emitter and receiver are properly aligned. The receiver features two discrete solid-state outputs (for tasks requiring only basic presence/absence detection) and a serial EIA-485 interface to provide sensor measurements. There is no need for a separate controller, because the arrays use an auto-streaming feature to transmit measurement data automatically.


Banner offers a variety of measuring arrays to suit nearly any industrial application, and higher-resolution or longer-range light curtains—such as the EZ Array series—are available for when a finer degree of precision is required. But for customers who have straightforward object-detection demands, MINI-ARRAY Basic is a streamlined, budget-conscious choice that provides immediate savings while delivering reliable long-term performance.

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