Banner XS26 with In-Series Diagnostics

Banner XS26 with In-Series Diagnostics

Expandable Safety Controller Now Available with In-Series Diagnostics

An enhanced version of Banner’s XS26 Safety Controller is available with built-in In-Series Diagnostics (ISD). This technology simplifies installation, provides comprehensive real-time data about automation safety equipment, and prevents or reduces downtime. The expandable XS26-ISDd allows users to configure and monitor up to 394 connected safety devices—such as E-stop buttons, safety switches, safety light screens, two-hand controls, and rope-pull switches—and controls up to 68 independent safety outputs. It is a cost-effective solution to meet machine-safeguarding requirements, with the flexibility to grow with expanding production and future technology enhancements.

Key Features & Benefits


In-Series Diagnostics gives machine owners and operators greater insight into the health and performance of their safety system, making them less reliant on outside experts and lengthy troubleshooting to solve system problems. Users can monitor the status of each device in their safety system in real-time, identify the location and nature of any potential problems, and receive alerts if a critical event does occur, so equipment can get back up and running as soon as possible. The new XS26-ISDd expandable base module can simultaneously monitor 8 ISD chains of up to 32 devices each, for a total of 256 ISD devices, although this amount can be increased with additional I/O expansion modules. The XS26-ISDd sends detailed data from each ISD device directly to a PLC, HMI, or other similar interfaces using Ethernet/IP, Profinet, or Modbus TCP Industrial Ethernet protocols.

As successful factories and other production environments grow, safeguarding a greater number of machines and assembly lines becomes increasingly complex. One of the benefits of an expandable safety controller and ISD is that as automation requirements evolve, further safety devices can be added to an existing system, without complicated and time-consuming rewiring. The new XS26-ISDd can support up to 394 safety devices and up to 68 safety outputs when leveraging 8 expansion modules and ISD technology. Users simply connect up to 256 ISD devices using plug-and-play industry-standard M12 4-pin cables and T-connectors. They can attach expansion modules to increase the number of safety inputs or safety outputs simply by sliding them on the DIN rail in the direction of the base unit, fitting them together in a row. Leveraging industrial Ethernet, users can further add up to 256 virtual status outputs or 80 virtual non-safety inputs to control lights or add a virtual manual reset to the system.

A safety configuration can be created in mere minutes with free PC software, which provides an intuitive onscreen interface incorporating drag-and-drop icons. Downloading the configuration to the XS26 is made easy with a USB connection or with the controller’s built-in XM3 external memory drive. Integration with the PLC is streamlined with the export tag feature, which creates a file for all PLC tag values that can be imported to the PLC. Finally, with the new ClickSet IP feature, the last octet of the controller’s IP address can be set using the XS26’s onboard LCD display and up/down arrow keys.

AutoDetect ISD is a new feature that further speeds up and simplifies design and implementation. With this feature, users can add up to 256 ISD devices to the configuration with a few clicks of a mouse. At system power-up, the XS26 identifies all ISD devices connected as a baseline and reports any changes to the PLC. This feature not only simplifies the design, but it also supports dynamic safety applications such as AGVs with removable carts/trailers or temporary subassembly stations on a production line.

Up to 32 In-Series Diagnostic devices connected in an ISD chain achieve Category 4, PL e, and SIL CL 3 safety ratings. Outputs on each device are continuously monitored to detect any faults, including short circuits. This design eliminates the possibility of fault masking at any point in the system. The XS26-ISDd is the latest member of the ISD family of products, which includes RFID door switches, illuminated E-stops, ISD Connect, ISD to IO-Link Converter, and the SC10 Hybrid Relay/Controller.

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