Turck QV40 Inductive Sensor

Turck QV40 Inductive Sensor

New from Turck, a more cost-effective version of the QV40 Inductive sensor. It is ideal for price-conscious OEMs, especially in the Automotive industry.

This IP68-rated uprox+ sensor offers a unique capability – it can be used in a 100×100 mm aperture plate mounting. IT also offers an adjustable sensing face for quick orientation adjustments, including side sensing.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Reliable uprox technology platform means Factor 1 & up to 300mT weld-field immune
  • Mounting in 100×100 mm aperture plates possible
  • Quick adjustable sensing face orientation
  • Small metal free zones; 5 position toolless adjustment
  • Time-saving and simple mechanical integration
  • 4-wire complementary output PNP or NPN, M12 connector
  • IP68 rated, 10…30VDC / 200mA

Key Applications & Industries

Applications include sensing metal on assembly lines, during transport and handling processes, and on automotive skids.

  • Transport & Handling
  • Packaging
  • Skids in Automotive
  • Automotive assembly lines
  • Capture of sheets in Metal forming applications

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