Turck LUS Ultrasonic Level Sensor

Turck LUS Ultrasonic Level Sensor

The LUS211 is a non-contact programmable sensor that is used to measure solid and liquid level in an enclosure. The sensor shows either the distance to the top of the material, the volume of material in the vessel, or the fill percentage of the vessel once the tank geometry is specified in the programming menu. The value is displayed on an integrated multi-color display while the outputs communicate critical process information to a control system via a simple switching or analog output or via IO-Link communication.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Local LED display and standardized menu navigation greatly simplifies sensor programming compared to the existing Ultrasonic line
  • Vessel geometry parameterization allows the device to give an output in terms of volume or tank fill percentage instead of a simple distance value.
  • Non-contact measurement avoids build-up on the sensor. Wear-free operation enables a longer service life

Key Applications & Industries

The LUS ultrasonic level sensor is well suited for all types of level sensing applications in non-pressurized vessels

1. Hopper fill level monitoring in injection molding applications

2. Product level measurement in Pharmaceutical applications

3. Run-dry protection in fluid reservoirs

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