Siemens Safety Integrated

Siemens Safety Integrated

SIMATIC Safety Integrated – all built in
One controller, one I/O system and one engineering for standard and fail-safe automation

SIMATIC Safety Integrated is the seamless integration of machine safety in the SIMATIC automation system. The system, comprising both hardware and software, offers the advantage of having the safety functions already built in, so no second, additional system is needed.   This genuine integration not only results in potential savings on hardware and engineering, but also gives you the opportunity to achieve the perfect match between safety and machine design.

Integrated safety for your future automation solution

SIMATIC Safety Integrated implements consistent safety solutions based on Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) by seamlessly integrating safety functions into standard automation systems. By putting these together with the SINAMICS drives and its integrated safety functions using PROFINET or PROFIBUS via PROFISAFE, Siemens offers maximum integration and consistency.

The TIA Portal provides you with complete access to the entire digitalized automation environment from digital planning to integrated engineering and transparent operation. Because the option package Step 7 Safety Advanced/Basic has been seamlessly integrated into the TIA Portal, these benefits can also be enjoyed in the area of safety technology.

The result is more efficient engineering, since the safety functions and the “normal” machine functions can be perfectly coordinated with each other. Options like PLCSIM and PLCSIM Advanced also enable the application, including its safety functions, to be fully tested.

Thanks to the integrated safety concept, not only are fewer types and parts needed, but the wiring cost can also be reduced, since there is no longer any need for an external safety solution.

This also applies to communications. Using PROFINET and PROFIsafe not only reduces the amount of cabling compared to conventional wiring with safety relays. Fieldbus technology also enables the creation of more accurate and more flexible solutions.

The range of SIMATIC controllers includes Basic, Advanced, Distributed, and Software Controller with Safety Integrated. It proves a winner with its scalability and functional consistency, allowing for uniform arrangement of all safety functions, including diagnostics.

The benefit to you: rapid fault detection and correction, to keep downtimes to a minimum.

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