Banner Q2X Series Miniature Sensors

Banner Q2X Series Miniature Sensors

Powerful Sensors for Tiny Spaces

Banner’s new Q2X sensors feature miniaturized enclosures, which allow them to be fit into a wide variety of confined industrial spaces and equipment. Despite their compact size, these sensors deliver reliable, competitive performance, with robust excess gain and sensing precision to detect challenging targets. The next-generation Q2X series complements the available Q12 series of miniature sensors by providing a more expansive range of performance modes. The series includes a new standard adjustable-field background-suppression model with either a visible red photoelectric LED or a Class 1 laser emitter, a cost-effective polarized retro-reflective model, and an easy-to-align opposed-mode sensor pair.

Key Benefits

Compact Design

Q2X sensors are specifically designed to fit into compact areas, particularly those inside automated industrial equipment. Their small size (31 mm × 14 mm × 8 mm) is advantageous for using them as components in larger machines, especially when those machines have tight geometries or require many different sensors in close proximity.

Precise Detection

While the physical dimensions of Q2X sensors are minimized, they are designed to deliver superb detection reliability and consistent response. Photoelectric models use a clean, visible, 5 mm red-LED dot for exceptional optical performance. For applications requiring detection of small features, a laser adjustable-field (AF) Q2X model is available with a more precise and smaller light spot. This AF-model VSCEL laser emits three individual beams, which combined are smaller than the single spot of the LED models, allowing detection of smaller targets. AF models include a simple multi-turn screw to adjust the sensors’ cutoff distance.

Reliability & Durability

Q2X sensors provide up to 150 mm in detection range and feature fluorescent light immunity. Their emitted light is bright to allow for easy visual alignment. Background suppression models reliably detect target objects when the background conditions are not controlled or fixed. Metal inserts provide a robust and durable mounting option for the IP67-rated housing.

Great Value

Because background suppression range is individually adjustable on AF models, users can stock a single part number to use Q2X sensors for many solutions and applications. The series also helps to accommodate more options for optical spot sizes, and the positive price-to-performance ratio reduces budget constraints when multiple sensors are required in a small space, such as within a custom assembly machine found in the automotive and electronic industries.


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