Siemens Power Supplies: PSU6200

Siemens Power Supplies: PSU6200

SITOP PSU6200. High performance. Focused diagnostics.
The all-around power supply for a wide range of applications – now up to 960 watts.

With award-winning industrial design, space-saving width, optimized terminals, comprehensive diagnostic options, and high operational reliability: SITOP PSU6200 is the extremely high-performance power supply for 12, 24 and 48 V standard applications. The power supply units offer comprehensive functions and features for focused diagnostics, fast installation, and dependable operation. The new 3-phase power supplies 24 V/40 A and 48 V/20 A now also supply applications with up to 960 watts nominal power.

Benefits at a Glance

Permanent condition monitoring thanks to integration in the automation system via their diagnostics interface.

Fast check-up directly on the housing with the diagnostics monitor on the front of the LED display showing DC condition, capacity utilization, or operating hours of the power supply unit.

High safety level while the system is operating thanks to 150 percent extra power for up to 5 seconds per minute, constant current for short-term overloads and Hiccup mode.

Fast, error-free wiring using push-in terminals, unique terminal labeling, and a third negative terminal for grounding.

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