Banner TL15 In Line Modular Tower Light

Banner TL15 In Line Modular Tower Light

In-Line Tower Light provides distinct indication

The TL15 In-Line Tower Light is an ultra-small, modular indicator that can be used as a standalone, or connected in-line with a tower light, sensor, touch button, or other device to display signal status. Its in-line connection and distinct indication give users a simple way to add status information where needed, improving issue response time, and increasing throughput.

Key Benefits

Low-Profile, Over-Molded Design

With its highly visible body, the TL15 allows workers to identify and troubleshoot problems faster, leading to decreased downtime and quicker response time. The TL15 is easily accessible and simple to use, whether it’s being used for jam detection on a conveyor belt or pinpointing a sensor with active output status that is hidden within a machine. Its over-molded IP66/67/68 design is reliable and rugged to withstand harsh industrial environments. Its low-profile design makes it ideal for bright indication in tight spaces.

Highly Visible Indication

TL15 modular tower lights provide easy-to-see status indication. LED lighting technology saves energy and minimizes replacement costs. The TL15 offers a total of four colors: blue, green, yellow, and red, for flexibility of color choice and quantity. Visible statuses can be used to guide operators or communicate upcoming machine movements.

Simple Setup & Management

Machine downtime can be costly and identifying the problem can be time-consuming. The TL15 In-Line Modular Tower Light’s design enables rapid integration into existing applications. With the addition of compatible cables, the TL15’s integral M12 connectors allow it to connect directly inline into any application that requires additional visual or audible status. Inline installation also enables the TL15 to mimic the signal color of an attached tower light. Thus, operators can visually monitor processes locally, resulting in quicker responses to unwanted conditions.


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