Turck M08 Inductive Sensors

Turck M08 Inductive Sensors

Inductive sensors with up to 50% extended ranges

More barrel length options + longer sensing range

Check out the improved M08 lineup of inductive sensors – now with better functionality over previous versions. Flush and non-flush options are ideal for a wider range of applications. The sensor’s fully re-developed electronics ensures you will always find a model in the right size.

• Wide range of variants for application flexibility
• Maximum mechanical stability for long service life
• Rapid commissioning and troubleshooting
• Longer sensing distances
• Generous warranty for peace of mind

Key Features & Benefits

Large range of variants enables creativity in design

  • The portfolio has been extended with additional threaded barrel lengths: In addition to the existing designs M08K (22 mm) and M08E (40 mm), the offering now also includes the models M08 (30 mm) and M08KK (15 mm).

Bright LEDs enable rapid commissioning and troubleshooting

  • Clear switching status display, even in poor conditions
  • Cable devices with 360° LED display clearly visible from all angles, and translucent end cap
  • New, brighter LEDs for plug connection devices

Long sensing distances in an M08 package

  • Long switching distance for inductive ferrite core sensors in M08 design. Enables realization of a wide range of applications even without the use of larger M12 sensors
  • Extremely short variants with a minimum sensor length of 15 mm

Maximum mechanical stability guarantees long service life

  • Brass threaded barrel with increased wall thickness offers best protection of sensor electronics
  • Highly flexible cable reduces cable failures in mobile use, e.g. when used on E-Chain
  • One-piece metal housing prevents damage at joints

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