Banner TLF100 Pro Flush Mount Tower Light

Banner TLF100 Pro Flush Mount Tower Light

Introducing the TLF100 Pro, a highly functional and revolutionized way to provide clear and distinctive status indication. These rugged and versatile 3 or 4 segment tower lights allow for flush mounting, which enables easy integration to machines and equipment. Superior indication; advanced animations; numerous audible options; and a smooth, sealed, IP65 and IP69K-rated housing for indoor and outdoor environments, make this an adaptable device for a variety of applications.

Key Benefits

Advanced Capabilities with Intuitive Software

The TLF100 Pro with Pro Editor utilizes bright, multicolor RGB LEDs that enable customized indication possibilities, including color, flash, audible tones, and light intensity. With the free Pro Editor software, users can access up to fourteen different colors and unique animations that attract attention and effectively communicate status. Pro Editor compatible models utilize an intuitive software interface to enable hundreds of unique colors and wiring variations, for control via discrete inputs. Status is easy-to-see and understand, even in busy industrial environments. From simple to complex indication requirements, the vast color and animation capabilities offered by these tower lights provide users with an almost limitless range of display options to communicate almost any condition.

Dynamic Communication for Seamless Control

IO-Link models enable users to change device parameters from the control system as needed, such as during product changeover, which reduces downtime and allows machines to accommodate greater product diversity. These models offer unique LED color control to provide advanced users with total control, including for OEM branding. Take advantage of standardized and reduced wiring, increased data availability, remote configuration and monitoring, simple device replacement, and advanced diagnostics.

Bright, Highly Visible Indication

The TLF100 Pro Daylight Visible with Pro Editor features single color LEDs for highly visible indication in indoor or outdoor applications. Illuminated segments provide eye catching operator guidance and indication of equipment status. Daylight visible models provide intense levels of light output for areas with high ambient light, even outdoors. Utilize Pro Editor to change device functions such as wiring inputs, intensity control, audible tones, and unique animations. Additionally, advanced functions are available to convey time, count, or level and distance information. With the Pulse Pro input and S15C converter, visually represent any type of analog signal to show process conditions like throughput, time, and speed, or measurements like level, flow, pressure and temperature.

Flush Mounting for Simple Installation

The IP65, IP69K environmental rating and robust design make this device suitable for a variety of industrial environments, including packaging and food and beverage. The TLF100 features a sealed, smooth surface with over-molded, translucent, or transparent windows. Diffuse models are available in either black or cool gray housing to match different machine styles. Threaded mounting inserts allow for a simple and aesthetic installation without disassembly, which makes the TLF100 a seamless addition to machines and equipment.

More Ways to Convey Status - With Sound

Select variations of the TLF100 Pro come equipped with a configurable, multitone sealed audible. With Pro Editor, choose from 12 unique audible tones and three levels of audible intensity. including audible intensity control. Select from the same tones and more with IO-Link. Customization of tones allows for limitless control of audible capability, including frequencies, patterns, and intensities. More audible capability means more ways to promote efficiency of machines and processes. It also means that audible tones can be used for more than just grabbing attention. Positive melodies can be used to encourage desirable outcomes, promoting affirmation, rather than dissuasion, as an effective method to keep the factory floor running smoothly.


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