Banner Wireless Q45UPSD Pressure Sensor

Banner Wireless Q45UPSD Pressure Sensor

Banner introduces the wireless Q45UPSD Universal Pressure Node. The node, combined with Banner pressure transducers, will monitor pressurized systems and transmit levels to a wireless controller or performance gateway. The new node is compatible with the full range of Banner pressure transducers, which can collect measurements from 0 to 3000 psi. The node and transducers feature quick-disconnect ports for instant connection.

Key Benefits


Initial setup or replacement is easy with a quick-disconnect node and transducer cables. This allows a user to instantly connect to any pressure measurement transducer from Banner Engineering. The wireless system is a radio frequency network with integrated I/O that removes the need for power and control wires. This simplifies retrofit applications in remote and hard-to-access locations where a wired solution would be difficult or impractical. The Q45UPSD uses a D-cell power supply for an extended  battery life of three to five years, reducing maintenance.


With the Q45UPSD Universal Pressure Node, a plant needs only one transmitter model for use with various transducers of differing measurement ranges. If a transducer needs to be replaced, users no longer need to replace the node along with it, which reduces costs. Separating the node and transducer makes it more affordable for plants to inventory a range of backup transducers, as they don’t need to inventory several transmitter types. In addition, the separation of the pressure transducer and node into two components allows the node to be mounted outside of harsh or corrosive environments.


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