Turck Powerfast Portfolio Options

Turck Powerfast Portfolio Options

Turck has added 5, 6, 7 & 9 pin options to our A, B & C-Size Powerfast portfolio in 14 AWG form. The cordsets and receptacles are now UL 2238 listed and offer versatility as they can be used in both power and signal applications. Power applications include those that need higher pin counts and signal applications include those that require improved electrical properties over longer cable runs.

Key Features & Benefits

These 5 – 9 pin products consist of cordsets and receptacles in 14AWG form.  This is a combination of two types of products, power and signal, offering benefits from both types:

  • Higher pin count, offering versatility over standard 3 & 4 pin Powerfast products
  • Higher AWG size (14AWG) adding increased electrical capabilities to an already customizable solution, in both cabling options and lengths
  • These products are UL 2238 listed, and carry IP67, IP68, IP69 and IP69K protection

Key Applications & Industries

These products can serve as a solution to many custom needs, with their added versatility and combination of power and signal connector characteristics.

  • Maintains signal integrity over long cable runs, with the capability of resisting voltage drop due to their larger AWG size
  • Provide an option in which higher conductor counts are required in power applications
  • Heating, lighting, and material handling are common industries utilizing these types of products

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