Turck RFID Gate

Turck RFID Gate

The RFID Gate from Turck is an automatic identification system. Gates can be mounted over dock doors and other existing structures. Multiple assets can be read simultaneously as they pass through a gate. Each gate setup is a reader with up to 4 UHF antennas running software that sends event data to the clients ERP. This information can be used for inventory management as well as tracking.
A system can be composed of multiple independent gates all communicating with the client’s backend system simultaneously.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Minimizes human error with contactless directional asset scanning
  • Turnkey system solution with ready to use components
  • Integration into existing ERP for enterprise and factory level monitoring
  • Software is device independent.

Key Applications & Industries

  • Production – Tracking materials and inventory used in production, as well as the product through the production process.
  • Warehouse management – Receive and ship materials without any manual barcode scanning, minimizing human error. Provides location history with timestamps.
  • Capital Asset Tracking– Provides data on how many assets are in the field vs in a storage location. Timestamps when assets were sent out and when they are returned.

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