Siemens SIMATIC ET 200eco PN

Siemens SIMATIC ET 200eco PN

New generation of the extremely rugged block I/O
The SIMATIC ET 200eco PN is a compact block I/O with PROFINET connection in protection class IP 65/67 for cabinet-free installation directly on the machine. Thanks to its die-cast zinc housing, SIMATIC ET 200eco PN is mechanically very rugged and resistant to vibration, dust, oil, and humidity. The new, fully revised SIMATIC ET 200eco PN M12-L series offers a new and compact housing, higher current carrying capacity, and many new functions.

Features & Benefits


Synchronous operation

The devices of the new generation SIMATIC ET 200eco PN support synchronous operation in PROFINET IRT networks. This enables more determinism and thus improved machine performance.

Shared Device

The shared device function means that the I/O device channels can be split between two IO controllers. This distribution allows the creation of flexible automation concepts.

Module-internal Shared Input and Module-internal Shared Output

Thanks to Module-internal Shared Input (MSI) and Module-internal Shared Output (MSO), several controllers can have simultaneous and independent read access to the current switching status of the inputs or outputs of a SIMATIC ET 200eco PN device without additional programming effort.

Fail-safe switch-off of standard modules

Standard Digital outputs of the ET 200ecoPN M12-L can be switched off in a fail-safe-related manner within a supply line. This provides additional flexibility for the integration of safety applications up to SIL CL 2 or Cat 3/PL. Since only the outputs are switched off, diagnostics is still possible.

S2 redundancy

The modules of the SIMATIC ET 200eco PN M12-L can be used in redundant systems like the high-availability SIMATIC S7-1500R/H ring system: for example, in tunnel applications.

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