Turck M12 Cordsets & Receptacles

Turck M12 Cordsets & Receptacles

The next generation of M12 cordsets & receptacles is here. Turck’s best selling M12 family now comes with game changing features. The re-designed M12 solutions are more rugged, making them ideal for factory automation on machines and in control systems in automotive, mobile equipment, logistics and more.

Key Features & Benefits

The new M12 combines an improved design with cost-effective production.

  • Easier installation– NEW patented torque sleeve eases install of every single cordset; provides tactile feedback once nominal torque achieved.​
  • Improved ingress protection – ALL redesigned M12 connectivity meet IEC IP67, IP68, IP69K, as well as NEMA 1, 2, 4, 6P, & 12 ratings.​
  • Improved Lead times – Consolidation of raw materials, simplifying processes and vertical integration allow for faster lead times

This redesign also includes the mating receptacles. Configurations include: male/female, front and rear mount PG9 or M16 thread, 3/4/5 poles, with 18-24awg flying leads.​

Key Industries & Applications

  • Automotive – M12 connectivity for tool cords and industrial networking.
  • Mobile Equipment – distributed I/O and consolidated connectivity with M12s.
  • Logistics – in conjunction with emergence of robotics into the material handling and packaging industries, combined with network wiring.

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