S15S Temperature & Humidity Sensor from Banner Engineering

S15S Temperature & Humidity Sensor from Banner Engineering

Compact and Cost-Effective Ambient Air Monitoring

Ensuring a safe operating environment for machines and equipment, the new S15S temperature and humidity sensor provides remote environmental monitoring in a compact and cost-effective form factor. Its rugged IP65, IP67, and IP68-rated overmolded design can go nearly anywhere temperature, humidity, and dew point need to be measured. Using industry-standard Modbus RS-485 communication protocols, it easily connects in-line or directly to a DXM controller, such as the DXMR90-X1, for data sharing via cloud services, such as Banner CDS.  Temperature, humidity, and dew point data can also be sent to an HMI, PLC or SCADA.

Key Benefits

Quick & Compact Installation

At 73.7 mm long with a 15 mm barrel, the S15S can be conveniently placed in confined spaces in which other sensors may not fit. It installs quickly via a 4-pin M12 connection either in-line with other devices or directly to a DXMR90-X1 controller port. The included aluminum grill filter cap can be swapped with an optional stainless steel filter for use in extremely dusty areas.

Cost Effective Sensing

A smaller form factor and rugged overmolded housing help make the S15S a more cost-effective temperature, humidity, and dew point monitoring solution. Connecting in-line with other devices, all going to a controller that sends data to the cloud, PLC, HMI, or SCADA, adds to operational efficiency.

Real-Time Monitoring from Anywhere

When connected to a system with a DXM controller, information from the S15S can be displayed via Banner CDS or other cloud platforms. This allows real-time temperature, humidity, and dew point monitoring either onsite or remotely.

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