Turck AC Outlet Boxes

Turck AC Outlet Boxes

The AC Outlet Boxes (ACOB) are 20A receptacle box used to power lighting, tools, laptops and any other equipment at a lean cell station. Available in double and quad outlet versions.

Key Benefits

  • Product line comes in a dual and quad style that has a 120VAC Powerfast plug.
  • Rugged, durable outlet box that can be used at any lean cell station for up to 20amps.
  • Work well with modular or configurable cell stations.
  • Allows for a quick disconnect solution when reconfiguring cell stations.

Key Applications & Industries

Ideal for facilities where power isn’t hardwired in. Easily drop power where you need it with our AC Outlet Boxes.

Applications examples include:

  • Automotive Facilities
  • Factory (Lean Cell Stations)

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