Siemens Industrial Edge for Machine Builders

Siemens Industrial Edge for Machine Builders

Unlock the full potential of the machine and reduce quality costs or downtime

Machine tools are already highly productive today. Production processes, mechatronics and handling (loading and unloading), are optimized and fully automated. How can the productivity of a machine tool be further increased and where is the potential for savings? The potential lies in the data of the machine. Specifically, in the data that is generated in the machine during operation but has not been used to date. With Industrial Edge for Machine Tools, manufacturing companies have a simple, proven and secure means of determining and evaluating the data of the machine during operation. This allows them to unlock the full potential of the machine and reduce quality costs or downtime.

Key Benefit Areas

Machine value add for your customers

Offer additional value add

Based on data driven applications for OEE analytics, predictive maintenance, quality information

New Business Models

By offering new data driven apps and services as addon to the machine

Machine R&D Management

Improved Market Offering

Usage of data to get rid of non-utilized machine (software) features for the next generation

Machine Optimization

By using usage data to improve machine design, e.g. install an improved air filter system/less or more powerful motor

Machine Service Management

Increase of Service Revenue

By offering additional services to Machine User based on data, e.g. spare-part services

Raise of Machine Availability

With applications for preventive/predictive maintenance by using system and process diagnostics

Service Optimization

By executing dynamic service intervals based on machine usage data
Reduction of resource e.g. service time per machine by analyzing data beforehand from remote

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