S4B Series Heavy Duty Type 4 Light Curtains

S4B Series Heavy Duty Type 4 Light Curtains

Key Benefits


Quick & Easy Installation

The adjustable bracket makes installation simple. Click the light curtains into the bracket, rotate the curtains to align them, then lock them in place with accessible bracket fasteners. Tricolor LED alignment zone indicators instantly show if the curtains are properly or nearly aligned.

Prevent Downtime

If the light curtain requires cleaning or is bumped out of alignment, the weak beam strength warning LED informs operators of a problem. Also, a remote signal can be sent via the cordset’s pin 5 to a PLC or HMI for local alerts. Recognizing and addressing problems before they become serious issues may prevent more extensive damage or downtime.

Eliminate Costly Repairs

The plug-and-play pigtail with 5-pin M12 connection is removable for cost-effective replacement. If a cordset is damaged, select and save the scan code setting—no PC required—then swap out the cordset for a new one, keeping the existing light curtain in place.

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