Siemens Efficient Engineering in Automation

Siemens Efficient Engineering in Automation

Efficient Engineering in Automation
Boost your efficiency in machine development – that’s the most powerful lever for driving innovations forward and increasing your competitive edge in rapidly changing markets. That way, your engineers can make the most of their potential, work together between disciplines, and develop innovative machine concepts more quickly.


With your existing engineering team, you can respond quickly to new market demands by applying agile development methods and collaborative approaches to shorten your time-to-market and draw on standardized components.

Save Time

Cut down on repetitive tasks in favor of creative, innovative work by automating everything that can be automated. Invest free time in training and innovation.


Take the load off your engineering team with integrated libraries and versioning. Validation in a virtual environment helps you identify development errors at an early stage and avoid them.


Benefit quickly from new technologies and integrate innovations into your solution. At the same time you can provide reliable protection against cyber attacks.

The more complex the automation project, the greater the benefits of working in teams. When multiple people can work on and add to the same project, less time is expended on the project, which results in a shorter time to market. To ensure that these time-savings aren’t lost to coordination efforts, the TIA Portal Project Server offers the option to manage project states in a centralized storage location. Even smaller teams can benefit from the TIA Portal Multiuser Engineering function – in both the engineering and the commissioning phase.


Parallelizing work processes

The TIA Portal Multiuser Engineering option allows multiple users to work together on one project simultaneously. The parallel editing of different objects in a multiuser project can significantly reduce your project engineering and commissioning time.

Less coordination effort

Time-consuming consultations are a thing of the past, because all changes made by project participants are centrally managed and distributed, thanks to the TIA Portal Project Server. Libraries also simplify the management, distribution, and versioning of standards.

Location-independent working

TIA Portal supports flexible work beyond company borders. The assignment of users to server projects with read and write permissions allows these users to work on a TIA Portal project in parallel from different locations. Changes can be easily traced.

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