Turck Q300 and Q180 RFID Readers

Turck Q300 and Q180 RFID Readers

The Q300 and Q180 UHF readers allow connections of 4 external UHF antennas and have an integrated CODESYS runtime. These Ethernet-capable solutions increase the reliability of UHF RFID applications, and thanks to external antennas, are also ideal in factories for continuous identification of objects throughout the production process. They are rated IP67, multiprotocol for multiple platform use and are easy to set up thanks to web based configuration of RFID parameters.

Key Features & Benefits

Break down the limits between UHF and HF with the Q300 and Q180. The option to connect external near field antennas directly to the UHF read/write head enables the Q300 to also be used in conventional HF areas, such as for the optimal detection of components or workpiece carriers.


Simple integration through middleware functionality

The high platform variability of the read/write heads is suitable for flexible use as middleware for connection to higher-level ERP systems. This enables a simple and seamless integration. The Q300 with middleware functionalities can filter or preprocess RFID data as required and, depending on the platform used, use integrated security protocols and authentification for transmission.

Maximum application possibilities due to passive antennas

The most diverse requirements from countless application areas in industry and logistics can now be realized with a single device. The Q300 can be extended with passive antennas for the respective application. For example, RFID UHF near-field antennas with a detection range of only a few centimeters (similar to HF technology) provide defined reading ranges. UHF-typical application problems such as “overrange” and “cross-reads” are reliably avoided in this way. With a suitable antenna, the same device can also be used to identify vehicles or reusable containers.

Safe and reliable detection through polarization switching

Switching the polarization (for example from right-handed circular to lefthanded circular) changes the physical characteristics of the electromagnetic field. In this way, transponders that were previously in a communication gap can also be supplied with energy so that they can be reliably read. This increases the security of the data acquisition and increases the reading and data collection rate.

Key Industries & Applications


  • Tag detection at gates
  • Position accurate detection of components


  • Automotive
  • Food & beverage
  • Warehouses

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