Siemens-Simple Machine Integration with OPC UA

Siemens-Simple Machine Integration with OPC UA

Uniform machine behavior and interfaces offer maximum flexibility in production

Uniform status and information models, such as OMAC PackML, as well as communication standards, such as OPC UA, enable the flexible use of machines in a kind of “Plug and Produce”.

Simple Machine Integration with OPC UA

Siemens has succeeded in implementing an OPC UA data interface in a Simatic S7-1500 controller according to a companion specification. The OMAC PackML (Packaging Machine Language) makes it easier for end customers and line integrators to integrate packaging machines and connect them to line or MES systems, thus simplifying the evaluation and control of individual machines.

Users can dynamically read status models according to PackML and the associated variables in their project. Since integration can be programmed fully automatically, manual coordination between machine manufacturers and line integrators is superfluous. The statuses used in the state models and the data points can be adjusted depending on the machine type and manufacturer. The OPC UA communication functions combined with a companion specification enable dynamic data readout and make it possible to define uniform status models in OPC, and configure clients automatically.

Line Integration with OPC UA

OPC UA and its companion specifications enable fast and cost-effective line integration with high scalability, fault-free commissioning, and a fast factory acceptance test. Thanks to the internationally defined OPC UA companion specifications, you benefit from the line integration of standardized data interfaces and status models – allowing you, for example, to easily adapt machine interfaces and reuse modules for different plants.

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