Turck Temperature Sensors

Turck Temperature Sensors

In the automation world, temperature is a critical factor to measure to validate or maintain a successful process as well as verifying machine or component health. Temperature sensors from Turck offer tailor-made solutions via displays, simple programming and flexible process connections. These sensors are available as 100 ohm platinum RTD, RTD transmitters with and without IO-Link and temperature transmitters with display.

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TS+ Programmable Temperature Sensor

The TS+ programmable sensor features a completely sealed capacitive touch-pad interface with a multicolor display for local indication of temperature. Programmable switching, analog and IO-Link outputs available for additional system control.

TTM Analog Temperature Transmitter

The Analog TTM is a standard analog temperature transmitter that converts measured temperature into an analog 4-20mA signal. The compact overmolded or stainless steel housing and stainless steel temperature probe make this a good choice for reliable operation in harsh industrial applications.

Mini TTM Transmitter w/ IO-Link

The TTM with IO-Link is a compact and versatile sensor that can be programmed to function as an analog temperature transmitter, temperature switch, or digital sensor using IO-Link process data. Once paired with an external temperature probe, the TTM with IO-Link is easily configured to meet application requirements.

Temperature Probe

The TP line of RTDs are the crucial components that will physically measure the temperature of the process. As a stand alone device it will offer a resistance value that will fluctuate with the temperature experienced at the tip of the probe. Pairs with a TTM transmitter or a TS+ sensor to enable standard analog, switching, or IO-Link outputs.

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