Safety Controllers & Relays

Safety relays and safety controllers monitor the primary safety devices that protect personnel from accident and injury, ensuring safe stop and start functions on equipment with hazardous motion. In-Series Diagnostics (ISD) is an innovative communication protocol exclusive to Banner safety devices that makes it easy to troubleshoot machine safety systems, prevent system faults, and reduce equipment downtime.

Safety Controllers

Safety controllers simplify complex safety systems. These versatile devices monitor multiple safety and non-safety input devices, providing safe stop and start functions for machines with hazardous motion.
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Hybrid Controllers

Cost-effective, easy-to-use safety controller for smaller machines replaces the functionality of two or more safety relay modules and features an intuitive user interface and advanced diagnostic capabilities.

Safety Relays

Industrial safety relay modules are simple, cost-effective devices that monitor a single safety input device on a machine to ensure safe stop and start functions. Each safety relay module acts as an interface between the machine and a specific safety device, like an E-Stop button, rope pull, safety light curtain, or similar primary safety device.

Easy-to-Implement Diagnostic Capabilities for Complex Safety Systems

In-Series Diagnostics (ISD) makes it easy to access diagnostic data from devices in a safety system without special equipment or designated cabling. Users can troubleshoot machine safety systems, prevent system faults, and reduce equipment downtime. 

This innovative, next generation technology is exclusive to safety devices from Banner Engineering, including SC10 Series safety controllers, SI-RF Series RFID safety switches, the ISD Connect, and E-Stop buttons. ISD compatible devices achieve the highest levels of safety.

Prevent and Reduce Unplanned Downtime
In-Series Diagnostics gives machine owners and operators greater insight into the health and performance of their equipment, making them less reliant on outside experts to solve system problems. Users can monitor the status of each device in their safety system in real-time, identify the location and nature of any potential problems, and receive alerts if a critical event does occur, so equipment can get back up and running as soon as possible.

Simple, Cost-Effective, and Easy-to-Implement
The technology that makes In-Series Diagnostics possible is embedded in the safety devices and communicated using the same cables, connectors, adaptors, and inputs that connect the devices to the safety controller. This eliminates the time, hassle, and expense of running designated cabling between each device and the control panel in order to access diagnostic data. Users can add, move, or remove safety devices as needed and then easily error-proof the entire safety system prior to deployment.

Easy Access to Detailed Diagnostic Data
Data is collected from up to 32 compatible devices in each In-Series Diagnostic chain. Using an HMI or similar device, users can view the status and location of each device and drill into the data to determine the unique tag value, internal temperature, voltage, and other device-level details. System alerts notify staff if a monitored door has been opened, an E-Stop button pressed, or any other critical event has occurred.

SC-10 Safety controller, lighted E-stop buttons, RFID door switches: Cascade up to 32 sensors in a series using a standard 4-wire cable with M12 connectors, T-adapters, and an end plug

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