This cost-effective system is useful in multiple-part assembly, error proofing applications, parts verification and kit building.

Eliminates Errors

The Pick-to-Light system greatly reduces missed and misassembled parts for increased quality and reduced production costs.

Increase Productivity

With the Pick-to-Light system, you can increase your worker productivity by more than 50%, saving you time and money.

It’s Customizable and Adaptable

The Pick-to-Light System can be custom built to fit your needs.  It can be used to create kit parts, sub-assemblies, parts verification, and complete product builds that combine assembly tools with immediate feedback that the tool was operated properly.

The Operator or Manager can tailor user variables in the Color Touch Screen Operator Interface (OI) from changing bin names, bin locations, parts list and descriptions, add or change pick and assembly recipes, capture statistical data, log-in multiple users, password user entry, pick error messages, error indication and also communicate to your plant network.

You can also increase the capacity of the Pick-to-Light Modular Rack System by adding additional I/O and storage bins as you require.

What’s Your Return on Investment?

  • Eliminate over purchasing of parts
  • Increase operator efficiency
  • Minimal operator training
  • Increase production rates
  • Virtually eliminate picking or assembly errors
  • Track parts picked and assembled
  • Quick Payback