Controlling Access to Spaces & Processes

Easily customize machine control devices

When we ask our customers, we see convenience valued as the most important feature of operator controls. When operating machinery, having the device which controls operation local to the machine maximizes productivity and response times. Fortress configurable operator controls can be customized with safe and non-safe I/O to provide all of the functionality required for a task in one easy to install device.

Benefits of Operator Controls

  • Completely Customizable:

Fortress devices are designed as a mere canvas to meet your control requirements. Choose from our vast selection of safe and non-safe I/O pushbuttons, emergency stops, indicator lamps and position switches with the freedom to add customized symbols and engravings to indicate control functions.

  • Hardwired or Networked Installations:

Choose between hardwired slimline and extendable networked I/O solutions. Our range of slender hardwired solutions are designed to sit flush with 40mm posts to avoid hazards from protruding components on points of entry, beside light curtain guarding, or mounted to alternative surfaces. Remove the limit and manual installation of hardwired technology with solutions of up to 40 individual I/O networked over PROFINET or Ethernet/IP with PROFIsafe and CIP Safety for safe I/O.

  • Simple installation:

Minimize installation time with just two fixings and pre-wired receptacles. Control solutions are designed to make installation quick and simple. Hardwired solutions can be pre-wired to a range of M12 and M23 receptacles and supplied alongside matching cables. With networked solutions, industrial ethernet connectors enable all safe and non-safe I/O to communicate to logic controllers with plug and play.

  • Link to external I/O:

Connect all your hardwired control devices to the network. Using design for order external I/O, networked solutions can provide the link between input and output devices such as interlocks, light curtains, enabling switches, light stacks, safety valves (and many more…) and the network.

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