Monitored Safety Valves for Fluid Power

Shingle & Gibb Automation is proud to partner with Fortress to provide leading safety equipment and solutions. Fortress believes every employee working in a potentially dangerous environment deserves the best possible protection. Their design & manufacture of customized safety equipment protects people all over the globe from hazards in the workplace.

Fluid power through hydraulics and pneumatics is a reliable and highly accurate method to apply, move and remove loads. With all systems, a level of risk is presented as fluid power holds a load in the transition between motions; the primary motion to apply the load and the secondary motion to remove that load.

If hydraulic and pneumatic pressure is lost during this transition, failure modes can result in unexpected and unpredictable motion and if operators are nearby, serious injury.

The most common causes of failure in pneumatic and hydraulic systems are:

  • Hydraulic fluid or internal wear generated contamination
  • General abrasion
  • Heat aging
  • Moisture and condensation
  • Poor lubrication

Features & Benefits

  • The highest level of fluid power safety
  • Mechanical bias to fail safe
  • Maximize efficiency with operation zoning
  • Cross linked series ported manifold

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