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Interlocking is a method of controlling two or more interdependent operations which must take place in a predetermined sequence, if necessary remotely controlled or time delayed. The need for this sequence may be safety to personnel and equipment, or it may be to control processes and productivity.


mGard is the only range of trapped key interlocks 3rd party approved as being capable of meeting PLe and is perfect for heavy duty applications.
Trapped key interlocking is a tried and tested method of mechanically safeguarding dangerous machines and hazardous processes. Mechanical keys eliminate most of the electrical wiring associated with other types of interlocks making it cost effective to install and maintain.


amGardpro is the ultimate range of modular safety gate interlocks for heavy duty applications with a retention force of 10,000N. Its unique modular construction allows easy configuration; providing electro-mechanical solutions for practically any safeguarding application up to SIL3 (EN/IEC 62061), Category 4 and PLe (EN/ISO 13849-1).


amGardS40 is a range of safety gate switches manufactured in 316 stainless steel. The range is modular in design, allowing a wide range of safety interlock switches to be configured to suit many industrial applications requiring IP69K. The range is supplied in enclosures sealed to IP69K making it suitable to be pressure washed at high temperatures and has a retention force of 10,000N so it is ideal for ensuring guard doors are held closed until machines and/or processes are in a safe condition.


tGard is a compact metal bodied system that enables the configuration of various safety products including electrical safety gate switches (with or without guard locking), mechanical trapped key interlocks, and electrical operator controls either as separate devices or any combination of these three functions in one unit. tGard offers “a customized safety solution, as standard”. Each order is defined by a range of tGard elements that include selector switches, safety switches (solenoid and non-solenoid), personnel keys, emergency release, pushbuttons, E-Stops, indicator lamps and a choice of operating handles for both hinged and sliding guard doors.


ncGard’s newest addition to the range is ATOM which is a compact and ultra-robust Solenoid Interlock with High-Coded as per ISO 14119 RFID in the actuator. It is suitable for use in applications up to PLe (Category 4). ATOM provides a discreet, easy-to-install solution with monitored inputs and OSSD outputs (Output Signal Switching Device). Daisy-Chain connections enables easier wiring installation and OSSD prevents fault masking powered from the same supply.
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The B11 LMSS™, Licensed Machinery Safety Specialist qualification is a five-module online training course that sets out the key aspects of designing and implementing machinery safety solutions. This course will equip you to protect personnel, improve productivity and will add a highly desirable qualification to your professional portfolio.

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