B11 Standards, Inc., the organization that administers the B11 machinery safety series of American National Standards, has joined forces with Fortress to provide a machinery safety qualification for the US. Fortress has a team of experts committed to improving safety in North America and will run this B11 certified course.

Key Benefits

The B11 LMSS™, Licensed Machinery Safety Specialist, qualification is a five-module online training course setting out the key aspects of designing and implementing machinery safety solutions that comply with the B11 Machinery Safety Standards and Technical Reports. We will also cover when and where Lock Out Tag Out and Alternative Methods should be applied.

Upon successful completion of the course and licensing a B11 LMSS™ will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the relevant legislation and regulation
  • Understand the relevant machinery safety standards
  • Manage and carry out machinery risk assessments
  • Design a safe control system
  • Select risk reduction measures
  • Validate risk reduction measures

The B11 LMSS™ course requires a basic level of technical competence in order to attend. It is recommended, although not essential, that attendees have either two years’ experience in the field of machinery safety, or a formal technical qualification.

Cost: $2500 for the complete five module course.

Why Do I Need a B11 LMSS in My Business?

A B11 Licensed Machinery Safety Specialist, B11 LMSS will keep your employees safe and save time and money. A B11 LMSS can carry out in-house machinery safety risk assessments, select risk reduction measures and design safe control systems.

The B11 LMSS qualification is designed specifically for the US, focusing on the B11 Machinery Safety Standards, OSHA Lock Out, Tag Out regulations and the Safety Standards train and license your personnel, they will also keep you up to date with changes in the machinery safety standards.