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Shingle & Gibb Automation is proud to partner with Fortress to provide leading safety equipment and solutions. Fortress believes every employee working in a potentially dangerous environment deserves the best possible protection. Their design & manufacture of customized safety equipment protects people all over the globe from hazards in the workplace.


Safety interlocks providing safety to personnel entering safeguarded spaces. Compact with coding, hygienic interlocking, mechanical trapped key interlocks, retrofittable safety keys, hazardous location interlocks.

Access Control in Manufacturing

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Controlling access to spaces and processes. Ensuring the right people are carrying out the right tasks helps keep people safe, maximize uptime and allows more detailed data analysis and troubleshooting.

Fluid Power Safety

Fluid Power is an alternative method to move, apply & remove loads during processes. Overlooking fluid safety can omit severe risks & drastic failure modes. Safety solutions surrounding fluid power aim to mitigate these risks with monitoring & detection.

Configurable Operator Controls

Fortress configurable operator controls can be customized with safe and non-safe I/O to provide all of the functionality required for a task in one easy to install device.
Become a B11 LMSS™ Licensed Machinery Safety Specialist

The B11 LMSS™, Licensed Machinery Safety Specialist qualification is a five-module online training course that sets out the key aspects of designing and implementing machinery safety solutions. This course will equip you to protect personnel, improve productivity and will add a highly desirable qualification to your professional portfolio.

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