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Who is Rittal?

Proven Leadership, Hard Work and Innovation Alive and Well in North America

Rittal is the world’s leading supplier of innovative enclosure technology, whose expertise is acquired from their production of over 15,000 enclosures and housings per day.  They meet very high standards of security, ergonomics, energy and cost efficiency while providing high-quality solutions built to integrate into your equipment and applications.  They manufacture industrial enclosures and accessories including wallmount, modular, freestanding, floormount, disconnect and hygienic design enclosures, as well as offer climate control and power management systems.  Using their powerful Rittal Configurator System (RICS) tool, they make it easy to define and digitally lay out your enclosure modifications.  With this tool, you can create and output error-free enclosure holes, cut-outs and accessory placements using a 3D enclosure model viewing tool.  Give the RICS tool a try by visiting [insert link]. Continue on for more information about the various types of Rittal enclosures and climate control solutions.

What's New With Rittal?

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Wallmount, Junction Box, Modular, Freestanding, Disconnect & Hygienic Enclosures, Climate Control Solutions and more!

Rittal Wallmount enclosures set the standard for maximum use of space and ease of installation. Wallmount compact enclosures can be used for virtually any application. NEMA protection ratings are ensured through a secure locking system, foamed-in place gasket and knife-edge perimeter. Features include a body constructed of cold rolled steel, steel doors and zinc plated mounting panels. Wallmount enclosures are readily available in all of the most popular sizes, protection categories and configurations – including universal disconnect cutout.

Modular enclosures provide the protection required for industrial drives, controls and other equip­ment along with the practical flexibility to evolve with the changing demands of modern business—all while saving time and money over the course of their lifecycles.

The TS 8 enclosure is Rittal’s flagship product, with more than 10 million units sold to date. Across North America and around the world, industries as diverse as Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Water Supply/Wastewater Management, Wind Power, Data Centers, Chemicals and Medical Technology rely on this versatile, modular enclosure design for panel building, low-voltage switchgear, IT infrastructure and mechanical engineering applications.

Highly innovative and remarkably flexible, the TS 8 is available in more than 100 versions off the shelf and comes in carbon steel, and 304 and 316 stainless steel varieties. Its modular construction allows for easy assembly, baying, equipment installations, removals and reconfigurations.

Combined with Rittal’s climate control and power distribution systems, the TS 8 enclosure safely and efficiently protects electronic equipment, control and processing systems in the harshest environments, the hottest factories and the most demanding conditions while possessing a design aesthetic and surface finish worthy of showrooms. Accessories enable the TS 8 to be truly the world’s most adaptable enclosure for industrial and IT needs.

Rittal’s disconnect enclosures provide a mechanical interlock where doors cannot be opened while system is energized.  These enclosures provide personnel safety, protect electrical components and support the addition of a flange-mounted disconnect handle.

Rittal’s Hygienic Design (HD) enclosures provide the ultimate solution where cleanliness and sanitation are paramount. Crafted of stainless steel, they feature a smooth surface grain, internal hinges, washable gaskets and latches, and no crevices to trap debris or contaminates.

Precisely engineered for your applications

These HD enclosures are available with screw covers for smaller, integrated applications or hinged doors for larger installations. Both are created from 304 stainless steel with a 400 grain brushed surface. Wall and door surfaces are angled to prevent objects from adhering so water runs off easily.

Ready to adapt to on-site demands

HD enclosures can be mounted with rounded stand-off brackets on the back to improve the flow of water around the unit during wash-down procedures. And, using optional hardware, larger HD enclosures can be mounted on HD leveling feet and fitted with a wire shelf to assist with cable routing.

  • All mounting threads are concealed to keep them free of debris and contaminants
  • Optional stainless steel cable glands have smooth, solid exterior surfaces and are self-sealing to enable high-pressure washing

Tight seals every time

Continuous silicone seal door gaskets can be easily replaced as necessary—without special tools. The blue gaskets align with a specifically-engineered fitted channel for a tight seal without any adhesive. The distinctive color makes any particulate splashed on the seal stand out for easier recognition and removal.

Rittal’s HD enclosures provide design engineers with more options and added versatility. Consider…

  • Shorter cleaning times while using less water and fewer chemicals
  • Reduced downtime for cleaning/maintenance
  • Significantly reduced risk of contamination
  • Enhanced protection for customers/employees
  • Built and tested to NEMA 4X specifications
  • FDA approved gasket material

Defend and extend the life of your electronics

Heat is the enemy of extending the life of your electronics. Heat attacks your equipment from all sides: on the outside with extreme variations in ambient temperatures and inside with high thermal loads caused by the high density of components within the enclosure. The challenge is to manage temperatures consistently on both ends of the thermal spectrum in any environment.  Rittal industrial climate solutions lengthen the life of your components, optimize performance and reduce equipment failure.

Rittal advanced climate control technology is your defense, ensuring the internal temperature is stable and heat-related incidents or costly shutdowns are avoided. Rittal responds to your bottom line demands with a variety of engineered solutions, including exchangers, coolers and air conditioners that handle heat dissipation. Their high efficiency units offer passive and active cooling technology that save up to 70% in energy costs. These innovative thermal management systems are available only from Rittal.

Rittal products meet the highest internationally recognized quality standards

All components of Rittal products are subjected to the most stringent testing in accordance with international standards and regulations. The consistently high product quality is ensured by a comprehensive quality management system. Regular product inspections by external test institutes guarantee compliance with global standards.

Rittal is the only supplier in the world to deliver its entire range of enclosure cooling units tested to the latest DIN EN standard. All TopTherm cooling units in the output range from 300 to 4,000 W are tested to the DIN EM 14511:2012-01 standard by the independent test institute TÜV NORD, and are authorized to carry the relevant test mark for the entire series. This testing assures you that Rittal provides:

  • Cooling units that are guaranteed to provide the cooling output you have paid for, giving you complete confidence when designing your climate control solution.
  • Verified cooling outputs that are up to 10% higher than previously claimed.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)
  • Commitment to annual voluntary inspections

Rittal is ready with a complete line of climate products:

  • Filter Fans
  • TopTherm Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers
  • Thermoelectric Coolers
  • TopTherm Blue e Wall-mounted Air Conditioners
  • Blue e+ Wall-mounted Air Conditioners
  • TopTherm Air-to-Water Heat Exchangers
  • Top Therm Chillers
  • Enclosure Heaters