Mission Statement
To listen to our customers and continually strive to provide perfect service, distribute quality products and offer technologically advanced solutions. To treat our employees with dignity and respect and to provide a safe and pleasant work environment. To never lose sight that it is our employees who make our company what it is today. To act in partnership with our suppliers as we promote their lines in our marketplace and educate our employees on the application of their products. To make a fair profit to assure the company’s continued growth and financial stability.


Vision Statement
Our vision is to be the market leader in the design, distribution and implementation of industrial automation systems. We will confront this challenge by developing innovative marketing, engineering and customer service strategies to meet our individual customer’s changing needs. We will accomplish this goal with a well-educated and highly motivated staff that thrives on personal growth and satisfaction through teamwork & creativity. Shingle & Gibb Automation will represent the most prestigious and technologically superior manufacturers. We will assure our longevity through well defined and financially prudent customer driven planning.


Core Values

  • Providing heroic service
  • Sharing a passion for the customer
  • Treating everyone as family
  • Maintaining an unwavering sense of fairness to each other and our partners
  • Having fun