Sensors: Photoelectric, Fiber Optic, Laser distance measurement, Ultrasonic, Machine Vision

Machine Safety: Light Curtains, Controllers, Safety Relays, Sensors, Switches

Lighting & Indicators: Signal Towers, Panel Lights, Task, Pick to Light, Hazardous Area Indicators, Panel Interior and Area Lighting

Wireless: Industrial Wireless radios, Wireless I/O, Network Connectivity, Point to Point, Wireless Sensors

Automation Technology: PLCs, HMI, SCADA, Industrial Networking, artificial intelligence, power supplies, process instrumentation, RFID, IIoT, industrial edge devices

Drives: AC/DC Drives and motors, Servo Drives & Motors, Motion Control, geared motors

Controls: NEMA & IEC, contactors, motor starters, pilot devices, molded case circuit breakers, soft starters, motor control centers, switchgear, switchboards, transformers

Services: Engineering, Consulting, Retrofit, Field Maintenance, Industrial Security

Sensors: Inductive Proximity, Capacitive, Ultrasonic, Inclination, Pressure, Temperature and Flow

Connectivity: Cordsets including custom lengths & terminations, splitters, junction boxes, field wireables & more

Fieldbus Technology: Modular & block I/O, multiprotocol ethernet profibus & more

Plus: Relays, intrinsically safe products, encoders, RFID systems, industrial control

Protecting people and productivity with hardened safety access and control systems. Safety gate switches, fluid power safety solutions, RFID badge access, machinery safety expertise

Industrial Enclosures including Wall Mount, Free Standing, Expandable, Non-Metallic, Stainless, Consoles, Operator Pendants, Climate Control for any enclosure

Pneumatics – Cylinders, Valves, Air Preparation and Regulators Electromechanical – Rotary and Servo Motors and Controls, Stepper Motors, Precision Gear Boxes, Linear and Rotary Positioning Systems

Mounted bearings, Enclosed gearing, Mechanical drive components, couplings and conveyor components, IIoT technologies

Industrial ethernet solutions including wireless, cellular, gateway & routers, media converters, serial converters, industrial computing, IP surveillance, remote automation

Panel meters, industrial controllers & HMIs, large LED displays, ethernet solutions, cellular M2M, protocol & media converters

Rail-mount terminal blocks, installation terminal blocks, field-wiring terminal blocks, pluggable connectors, PCB connections, feedthrough components, signal conditioners, relay modules, interface modules

Control panel products including abrasion protection, cable ties, cable accessories and tools, identification products/labeling systems/printables, terminals, wiring duct, absence of voltage testing & data access ports

DIN Rail switch mode power supplies

Industrial machine guarding system

Incremental, absolute, c-face and linear cable encoders

High performance cabling technologies

Linear displacement transducers, programmable limit switches, rotary cam boxes, CATRAC cable, hose carriers

Safeguarding products, pressure sensitive safety mats, edges and controllers

Speed reducers, open gearing, bearings, couplings, , fluid power components

Digital closed loop speed regulators and synchronizers for AC, DC and servo drives

Counters, timers, encoders & panel meters

Worm gear and high efficiency gear reducers

AC drives, servo products, precision bevel and planetary gearheads

Mounting systems

Motion feedback controls including Dynapar Encoders, Hengstler, Northstar, and Harowe resolvers.

V, timing, HTD and Polychain transmission belts, sheaves and pulleys

Shaft couplings, ROSTA tensioners, variable speed pulleys

Mechanical power transmission equipment, including synchronous, variable and V-Belt drives, couplings, clutches and brakes

Aluminum worm gearboxes, helical double & triple worms, gear motors

Electrical enclosures, steel, stainless steel, aluminum and fiberglass, rack cabinets, small enclosures

Pneumatic clutches, brakes, tension controls, edge and web guides, servo brakes

Motors, generators, drives and power solutions

Linear and rotary actuator products, including the patented planetary roller screw

Remote access to PLCs and machines. Anybus embedded, gateway and wireless solutions.

Servos, multi axis controllers AC/DC drives, softstarters


Linear motion products, screw, spline, and linear actuator systems, wrap spring clutches

Flame safeguard controls


Right angle bevel & miter gear drives, parallel shaft and worm gear speed reducers


Temperature sensors, thermocouples, RTD’s

Roller chain, engineering class chain, sprockets, PT components

Overrunning clutches and backstops

Cable carrier systems, robotic cable management systems

Gearboxes, gear motors, variable speed drives, IEC motors

Electronic, mechanical and electromechanical counters as well as process and rate indicators

Stepping motor drives, microstepping indexer systems, integrated drive/stepmotor products

Variable speed AC/DC motor controls

IEC contactors, starters, soft starts, push buttons, logic devices, breakers, light towers, mini-breakers


Clutches, brakes, controls, tensioning systems

Modular terminal blocks, PCB terminal blocks, analog signal conditioning, circuit protection, distribution terminal blocks

AC/DC motors sub-fractional gearmotors AC/DC drives

SM Cyclo cycloidal reducers, gearmotors, variable frequency drives


Gear drives, adjustable speed drives, linear actuators, couplings including servo and zero backlash offerings, torque limiters, shaft locking devices